We Are Respect Realty

We Are Respect Realty

We Are Respect Realty

One of the most necessary factors for a successful real estate brokerage (or any service oriented business for that matter) is to clearly define and state who we are and what we represent. Therefore, what better way to log our first blog on our website than with a decree of who we are, what we represent, and how we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

In a world where buyers and sellers are faced with seemingly limitless options, it is even more important to stand out from the crowd. However, there are a multitude of ways that one can stand out from the crowd. We have found that the best way to differentiate ourselves is through the service that we deliver. Through every interaction with every client, prospect, agent, broker, vendor, etc. we can clearly define who we are to those around us…and hopefully stand out from the rest (in a positive way).

Therefore, we have simply spelled out below what we shall always represent, how we will present it, and the expectations that we will hold for ourselves. We look forward to working with you, regardless of whether it is as a client, prospect, or agent/professional, and delivering a level of service to you that you deserve.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Respect Realty to ensure that all people with whom we interact are treated with the utmost respect at all times and that our level of service shall never be compromised.  Our knowledgeable, professional, and friendly agents and employees will constantly provide real estate services to clients and non-clients parallel to none.

Who We Are

Respect Realty is a leading professional real estate agency that focuses on providing a level of service unmatched in today’s current real estate industry.  With the focus on building client relationships, treating all parties fairly and with dignity, and maintaining a higher sense of purpose, our agents and staff will consistently surpass the expectations of those that we interact with.

With Great Power Comes…

Great responsibility.  With all of the skills and tools that our agents and staff employ, we must be mindful to never lower our standards or jeopardize our values.  In today’s environment of fast paced real estate transactions and ever changing market conditions, it is imperative that we never compromise our core values that we must uphold as licensed real estate agents and Realtors.

Our unique relationship that we want to form with all of our agents is one built upon trust and understanding.  Therefore, we trust that our agents and employees will always act in a manner that is within the guidelines established by the National Association of RealtorsFederal Fair Housing Guidelines, the State of Arizona, Arizona Department of Real Estate, Arizona Association of Realtorsall local Realtorassociation groups, and all municipal codes.

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